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A new smart block chain based agriculture marketplace providing ground breaking technology solutions across the supply chain
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Token Sale Stage
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Our Focus
Challenge that we are trying to solves
Food Safety & Traceability
Inefficiency of Agriculture Supply Chain
Food Price Volatility
Immature Agricultural ecosystem (Technological,Finance and Market
Underserved Farmers
Food Waste
Why choose us

Agribusinesses operate in a rapidly changing world. Demand for agricultural crops is expected to double as the world’s population reaches 10 billion by 2050.

Food production will need to provide sufficient carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for the estimated 870 million people who currently lack food security. By contrast, the share of employment and shares of GDP among the south east asian countries has been declining (except Thailand) for the pass 20 years due to reasons such as options of career, nature of work, migration etc. as worldwide demand towards food are expected to DOUBLE in the next 30 years, there’s a need for a total disruption & technological intervention in the agribusiness to avoid sustainability breakdown.

In Demeter we stood firmly against it. Demeter’s vision is to ensure the creation of a technological advanced & smart South East Asian agricultural economy. Our initiative aimed to examine, develop and enable next generation agricultural business with the orchestration of blockchain technologies, IoT, AI, system design solutions and analytics of data. All these integration are meant to optimise any potential agricultural business value chain by ensuring operational excellence, supply chain disruption, and transparency. We work towards researches and testing to maximise yield with the implementation of precision agricultural technologies, providing wholistic & realistic support to all layers of farmers ‘community, and enabling food efficiency as a whole. Demeter also aims to minimise any impact towards the environment along the entire process of execution of the business.

How artificial intelligence & block chain revolutionize the agriculture world online marketplaces
Our Tokens
DEMETOKEN is a token, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology ERC-20. It is the core asset of the new DEME Ecosystem.

Deme Verification

Transparency enabled food traceability can validate and authenticate food origin and improve brand credibility.


online blockchain integrated farmer – customer platform, solving accessibility & price transparency for food..


founded in singpore as an entity for fund & Assest management, disbursement and also progressively enable deme finance.

Token System

Where “DMT” highlights the nature of equity and is the ownership certificate of the project, where the investment of underlying assets according to market valuation such as ownership of plants at the current level are made possible. The “DMU” highlights the nature of intra platform circulation.

The Demeter public chain is designed to create a decentralized agricultural trading network using blockchain technology. The trading network can provide the infrastructure necessary to address all the shortcomings of the agriculture industry discussed in the previous chapter. These industry shortcomings, as well as the business needs of the agricultural trading network, are highly industry specific and are not addressed by general blockchain technologies. Demeter public chain is a new public chain system, with unique technical characteristics, designed to address the unique problems faced by the agricultural industry.

In order to make DEMEtoken distribution process more efficient, the DEMU price will now be linked to USDT:

Fund distribution
  • 40% Marketing
  • 30% Plantation
  • 20% Technology
  • 5% Crypto & Exchange Cost
  • 3% Legal, Admin & Operation
  • 2% Advertising
Token distribution
  • 30% Ecosystem Development
  • 30% Reserved Foundation
  • 20% Investor
  • 20% Founders Team
Our Strategy and Project Plan
2020 Q1
New batch plantation initiation including plantation infrastructure establishment
2020 Q2
DEMEMarketplace Testing
2020 Q3
Completion of DEMETOKEN Blockchain platform and DEME Marketplace, DEME Finance CSA Fund beta open application, small scale testing
2020 Q4
Yield started to paid in DMU
2021 Q1
Completion of IoT and Blockchain backend integration, small scale testing, user maturity on DEME Marketplace
2021 Q2
Scale A IoT devices installation (pH, temperature, soil, sensor)
2021 Q3
DEME Finance CSA fund official application
2021 Q4
Maturity of blockchain & IoT metadata for further analysis
2022 Q1
2nd year valuation audit
2022 Q2
Scale B IoT devices installation & implementation(sunlight, humidity, wind, pollination tech, drones)
2022 Q4
Completion of DEME Smartware and DEME Farms
2023 Q1
Market Expansion to Indonesia and Vietnam
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
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Ken Lee
Foundation Chairman
Artboard 2 copy 3team
Alice Chang
Artboard 2team
John Ng
VP of Operation
Artboard 2 copyteam
VP of IT
Our Advisors
Guarantee Of The Project Success
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Mr Teo
Plantation Advisor
Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr. Ibrahim Shah bin Abu Shah
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